About Us

Our vision and practice

Oregon Coast Dermatology is dedicated to creating a system that restores the doctor/patient relationship. The focus is on you and your health.

Our Vision

We believe in doing our best for each person who sees us, on a customized basis. We believe in the importance of up-to-date science to inform clinical practice; as a guide, but not a mandate. Our staff strives for excellence every day. It is your body, and each patient has the final say.

We are out-of-network for health insurance, and do not contract with Medicare or Medicaid. This allows us to set reasonable and predictable prices, and avoid having insurance companies control your care.



We invest in high-end, state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide our patients with the best care.

The “Shamrock” building is home to our practice, and received its name due to the Irish heritage of several of the founding physician owners.

It is as beautiful on the inside, as it is unique on the outside. Patients may enjoy a comfortable feel with a modern twist.


We invest in high-end equipment

We take pride in having state of the art technology. This technology allows Dr. Kathleen Brown to provide the best in dermatological services to her patients.

We promise to take care, and we deliver

  • Warm and welcoming practice, knowledgeable and comforting staff. And of course, the pricing is a godsend. Absolutely would recommend for any dermatological needs.

    Rodney W -Patient